People of Periods

People of Periods is a podcast to give our periods a voice and help fight the battle against period poverty.

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Pilates with Rhi Wihardjo

Monday Feb 01, 2021

Monday Feb 01, 2021

Rhi Wihardjo is a certified Matwork Pilates instructor. She talked to us about getting into fitness and social enterprises, recovering from an eating disorder and managing exercise as a uterus-owner. 

Friday Jul 24, 2020

Freeda sat down with Morgahna Godwin, a graphic and web designer who created an app which is designed to track different things in your body to help with the management of Endometriosis. Morgahna knows being a uterus-owner can be tough but believes we should also be celebrating menstruation. Find her on insta @morgahnagodwin and more resources @qendoau

Friday Jul 17, 2020

Freeda sat down with Maddi Parker, an advocate for menstrual health awareness who has never felt ashamed to talk about the wonders of the female body. As a Qualified Naturopath, Medical Herbalist and Massage Therapist, Maddi endeavors to support women with hormonal imbalances using dietary and lifestyle recommendations as well as using massage to lessen your stress in mind and body. Reach her on insta @livewellwithmaddi

Friday Jul 10, 2020

We sat down with sexologist Jodie West to talk about women's health, living with endometriosis and the need for better sex education. Jodie is known for initiating taboo conversations about women's health & sexuality. Jodie is the CEO & resident sexologist at Bliss for Women. Bliss for Women stock pleasure-enhancing products & provide a unique shopping experience, erasing the taboo of shopping in an adult store - Check it out here! 

Friday Jun 05, 2020

Series One: All About Periods
Freeda Thong sat down with Anika to talk about her work with QENDO and living and managing Endometriosis. 
Anika has been a volunteer with women’s health NGO QENDO for over 3 years working along side women who are often medically and emotional vulnerable. Her role within  QENDO finds her working with policy often liaising with Queensland state parliament.

Thursday May 28, 2020

Series One: All About PeriodsFreeda Thong sat down with Anita Koroma, founder and director of Girl Child Network, over zoom to discuss growing up and menstruating in Sierra Leone and the importance of breaking down 'taboo' topics. This episode coincides with Menstruation Awareness Day 28/5/2020. 

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